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Öğrenci yorumları Skolkovo Institute of Science and Technology

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Radmir K.
After one year in Skoltech, I can say that this is a place with a very bright community and it is unique in its kind.There are surprisingly many opportunities for MSc students: you can choose and focus on the skills that will be useful in the industry, you can start your own startup, and you can immediately start doing serious research
Dmitry V
Skoltech is very different compared to traditional universities. I chose Skoltech in 2012 because I felt this is a unique opportunity - to be among the best people, be in the middle of entrepreneurial science. And also experience the foreign approach to education.
Maxim Parshin
Skoltech can give you an opportunity to make all your scientific ideas come true, in case, if you want it.
Bogdan Uzbekov
I joined Skoltech to become one of it’s first 20 students. It sounded like a grand adventure and I couldn’t help but apply. So it turned out. A couple of things about Skoltech that immediately come to my mind when I look back are very competitive crowd that you find yourself in class with and an extreme hands-on education. To give you an exampl...
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Natalia Glazkova
At Skoltech I value the opportunity to work with incredible people and to be among great professionals. It is truly a place to connect with the best advisors that you could wish for, and find your dream team to make an impact. Best friends come with.
Alexandros Adamis
Being part of the Skoltech community is a great experience, which reviews cannot truly describe. In terms of innovative and challenging education, Skoltech is the best option, making you think outside of your comfort zone, and face real life problems in research and industry.
Shreya Santra
I decided to pursue my Master’s at Skoltech when I found out how this newly established institute is sending positive ripples through the international scientific community. The experienced faculty and advanced research facilities available in Skoltech are very appealing for every engineering student. The environment at Skoltech is extremely fri...
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Victoriia Baibakova
Here at Skoltech, each course makes me progress significantly in short time periods. On my track during first year, we had practice in the laboratory, coding, analytical math and computer modeling! In addition, there are so many smart people from all over the world! I enjoy the process of problem solving in new scientific fields with my groupmates.
Charles Belina
I chose to study at Skoltech because it allowed me to receive a world-class education, while also experiencing life in a foreign country. Nowhere else could I live out my dream of living abroad in a cosmopolitan city like Moscow while studying at a top university. Skoltech encourages collaboration and team projects and teaches its students to ma...
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Maria Karelskaya
I was a volunteer at Startup Village when first saw Skoltech students - they had the very first MSc graduation. And I have never seen such passion in people's eyes before! It has intrigued me, and I started to look for opportunities to apply. The main reason why I have chosen Skoltech is that the education approach is so different from what I've...
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Konstantin Gnyp
I truly believe that Skoltech is a great place for entrepreneurs. Here you can receive a lot of support for your ideas: connections, mentoring, entrepreneurial workshops and lectures, opportunities to visit local and international startup events, find a co-founder, and it is even possible to get the first investment. You can choose classes yours...
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Adeniyi Adebayo
Minds, hearts and hands! Skoltech helps you rediscover true learning: it is experiential and engages your mind in every sense, including the heart and hands. It is a transformative experience and I loved every part of the journey.
Yulia Tikhomirova
You really own your education; you take courses you're interested in, and you can get instant feedback from professors. If you are ready to work hard, to grab every opportunity to participate in challenges, cases, projects, and any other activity, you will be successful here.
Vladislav Miroshnichenko
Skoltech is the best thing that has ever happened to me. The most talented students and high-level professors are always around you in an incredible atmosphere of science and innovation. You can be anyone you want – an engineer, a scientist, an entrepreneur, and your ideas are always supported. Skoltech is a huge community that is growing extrem...
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Nina Maziavkina
Skoltech is a one-of-a-kind university not only in Russia, but in the whole world. Here you not only gain knowledge about your main area of research, but also learn essential business and soft skills. Skoltech cultivates the best scientists and leaders in the market.
Andrey Demidov
Before applying, I was very skeptical. After two years, I am able to say that choosing Skoltech was the right decision for getting a Master’s degree. This place has everything for developing highly qualified specialists, and the majority of teaching staff are leading researchers from different fields of technical sciences. There are entrepreneur...
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Anna Dubovik
Skoltech is in no way a lesser university than MIT or any other well-known place; it has no limit in possibilities in Russia and abroad and we can achieve all our goals if we work hard enough. Skoltech is in no way a lesser university than MIT or any other well-known place; it has no limit in possibilities in Russia and abroad and we can achieve...
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