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Julian Römer, Student PPE - Philosophy, Politic...   |   9.1.2018
Life is not about economics and politics alone. Its challenges and contradictions can’t be solely understood by philosophy either. Grasping world processes rather requires a combination of all. Witten expresses exactly this formula and offers me access from diverse perspectives.
James Brown   |   4.10.2017
I found this course from LSIB very accessible and suitable according to my working schedule. My tutor Emily, helped me a lot for my assignments promptly and gave useful, feedback which helped me to better understand my course and met all my needs.
Niels Skriver, Instructor   |   29.8.2017
I did the EBS course when I had just finished college and was unsure about my next move in life. It ended up being the best month of my life, learning the traits of the industry, gaining many friends and best of all; EBS landed me a job in London.

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