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Jane Mutanmangira, Managing Director, a Luxury ...   |   29.11.2017
I chose to study an Online MBA because I wanted to expand my knowledge and improve my managerial skills. I decided to study with the University of Birmingham, primarily because their degrees are so internationally recognised. However, it has also given me good exposure to different cultures and allowed me to study and wok at the same time. It's ...
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Aurélie   |   11.9.2017
You learn to work with people from different backgrounds, which will prove especially relevant for your future working life
Timur, Kyrgyzstab   |   20.7.2017
I found the College administration very helpful. The teaching faculty is brilliant and extremely supportive. Magna Carta College is doing a very good job, as they look after their students and provide them with very useful and interesting educational programmes. I am very proud to be student of Magna Carta College.

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