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Ceridwen Scerri, Research Analyst, European Aff...   |   29.11.2017
An Online MBA is a win-win scenario for busy professionals like myself. I can keep my job while studying in my own time and at my own pace. When choosing a University I had three criteria. The first was communication, met through weekly synchronous sessions. The second was the University’s ranking and recognition: Birmingham is a Russell Group U...
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Tolga Oncu   |   1.8.2017
It was a fantastic experience, very inspiring, very eye-opening, and there were a lot of elements that I had not considered or talked about before. The networking was really, really great, you got the chance to know people who were thinking differently and also looking upon the world we live in and the society in a different way, so it’s a very ...
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Chloe Astruc   |   27.6.2017
I was working in Communication and Event management before joining BIMM, but not at all in the music industry. Going back to studying was a bit of a risk, but the Music Business course was a good way for me to use the knowledge I already had. BIMM is a good way to make connections and develop projects, like the monthly showcase ‘Basement Bash’, ...
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