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Sahin U.
When I compare this program to programs in Europe and America, ITMO University wins. It’s inexpensive and efficient. The education here is high quality, and the program addresses important and relevant topics and issues. They have great specialists who know how to approach this subject, and teach you how to use relevant softwares.
Paul J.
This experience exceeded my expectations. I am impressed the teachers and their expertise. Thanks to them, I have made good progress in understanding how the language is structured and formed, and I will be able to progress by myself. This program has set a good foundation for that.
Mrinal V.
Interdisciplinarity is our future. There was a time when we studied scientific fields in isolation from each other, but then, the challenges were different, which had to do with particular conditions like the state of sciences’ development. Now, you just can’t have anything against interdisciplinarity. As for me, I choose a program that brought ...
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Mahdi A.
When I started to learn more about ITMO University, my key criteria were the quality of education and joining the educational program I had been looking for. I was set on studying information security, and ITMO University is among the leaders in this field. Its history, accomplishments and reputation all speak in favor of this.Studying at ITMO w...
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Onis E.
I fell in love with ITMO since the first time I stepped into the university campus. ITMO offers me an opportunity to stay flexible and choose my own educational path. The lecturers I study under are the opinion shapers in their corresponding fields, and we have well-equipped laboratories. I would’ve liked it if other people from my country recei...
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Rodrigo Lopez Pablos
St. Petersburg is a very beautiful city. I’ve been to Paris, and I’ve heard many people saying that it is the most beautiful city in the world, but I have never seen a city more beautiful than St. Petersburg. Never. Among the things, I love the most about the city are its bridges, an astonishing synthesis of art and engineering
Michael N.
When I found out that ITMO is the world’s only seven-time champion of the ACM ICPC competition, I decided to give it a go. The education process here at ITMO is great as it’s aimed at motivating you to attend all the classes. I really appreciate it. Actually, I’ve already recommended lots of my friends to come to Russia, for getting a Master’s d...
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Motasem Awaja
I am in awe of this city: it’s an amazing place. Everyone knows I am in St. Petersburg and they’re constantly nagging me to go visit museums, but I’m just enjoying my time for now. When I get a break from studies, I just walk around, look at the nature, and the people, they are so kind to me. I haven’t had any issues with prejudice or racism; on...
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Hassan B.
After discovering that ITMO is the only seven-time world champion in programming, I realized that it would be the perfect study destination for me. Besides, I’d always been very interested in Russian culture and history, so I was very excited about visiting Russia. The summer camp helped me develop a whole new set of skills. It was also very use...
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Soumen Banerjee
Overall, during my stay at the university, I learned not only about Big Data and high-performance computing – I also gained knowledge which opened my eyes to new things and and motivated me to pursue a career in this field. Before I came to ITMO, I possessed a completely different approach and knowledge of programming – a more scientific one; I ...
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