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Öğrenci yorumları Eötvös Loránd University

Ortalama puanı 4,6

Dayanarak 7 değerlendirme

Besides the benefits of good academic quality and ideal location, what also attracted me to ELTE are its wide variety of majors, which means that it can offer more in-depth and unique courses; its on-campus facilities; and especially the fact that it has an extensive network for outgoing mobility.
What makes studying at ELTE so great is the knowledge we’re gaining every day from the talented and kind group of professors surrounding us.
ELTE hosts a large number of international students from all over the world every year, so you get to meet different people with different cultures and backgrounds, which I find extremely interesting and beneficial for my experience as an international student.
As an international student I felt that the atmosphere is so friendly, there are no borders between the lecturers and student, which has helped me a lot in having fruitful scientific discussions.
ELTE offers various degree programs in different fields of studies, as well as research opportunities, by being a national research university. In my field of studies (International Relations) there are a lot of regional subjects which reflect on world issues, not only singular cases. It helps to become prepared and gain knowledge about differen...
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Asante B
ELTE offers more than 80 degree programs in foreign languages and the international students’ community grows each year. This helps me meet and learn from students from all over the world with diverse languages and cultures. Also, studying at ELTE comes with great academic opportunities and social networking on campus and even after school.
Wadie S
After attending this course at ELTE and gaining both knowledge and high grades, I am confident that my career in AI will be boosted!

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