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Öğrenci yorumları Bangor University

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This education is very good and hopefully it can help my future career.
Maha A
The academic teaching quality at Bangor University is very high. Personally, I have studied in many different countries and it is obvious to see that the academic teaching at Bangor is definitely supportive and very useful. I really did learn a lot and I enjoyed studying here in Bangor University.
Abigail S
The university has been very supportive and understanding of my situation as an international student, providing a range of services that I could use to help improve my skills in studying abroad such as Writing Skills and Counselling, and all possible support I needed during my stay as an international student.
Pretty K
The best thing about Bangor is getting a good quality of life at a competitive cost. I save a lot on transportation as it is a small city with a walking distance to school, train station, supermarket, banks and the town is less industrialised, making the environment healthy and pollution-free.
Ahmed D
Bangor Business School like any other academic school in the university offer so many resources and material for students to succeed; study spaces, databases access, softwares access, and plenty more. However, the greatest asset this university got is their lecturers and academic staff. Professors with so many years of experience and astonishing...
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Moneeb U
The reason I choose Bangor university was because Bangor University had a wide range of facilities to offer for business students such as institute of European finance and collaboration hub where an individual can interact with a lot of other students across the globe, which can benefit in various ways for life in University as well as in buildi...
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Bukola A
I decided on Bangor University because it had most of what I wanted in my academic experience path: a small student town which gives me the opportunity to engage more in my academics as well as actively socialize with my peers from every part of the world and most essentially a university with a close and direct student tutor connection.
Sussa G
Employability was a key factor in deciding where I wanted to go to university and after doing a lot of research, I found that Bangor was definitely my best option in order to prepare me for and help me get future jobs. I was told by a professional that Bangor would look best on a resume which definitely helped sway my choice.
Syamili M
Bangor has a fantastic reputation in the field of agroforestry education and research, being one of the top five universities of UK in the subject of agriculture and forestry. Besides that, world-renowned scientists like Fergus Sinclair as faculty was also an attraction towards Bangor University.
Dorigen I
Bangor is a good choice for the course I am studying because its amongst the top universities in the UK for psychology. The lecturers have high academic qualifications and a wealth of experience that enables them to impart relevant knowledge to students.
Shuling H
I believe I will have a better profession after studying at Bangor University, the courses will strengthen me to know, to master, and to build the capacities which will be needed in my future career. The school also provides you with some specific industry memberships and training which collaborate with some industry institutes.
Derya A
What I liked most about Bangor University is its academic staff and the location of the city. It's so peaceful and ideal for studying.
Oluwaseun M
I think the academic teaching quality at Bangor University is fantastic. The lecturers here go into thorough detail in their lectures which is great and they always do more than what is necessary to make sure that you understand what they have been teaching and they are always willing to help if you get stuck or don’t understand something. We al...
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Zhen T
Bangor University is a famous university in Wales which has a long history and rich culture, a serious and responsible teaching team, strictly regulated academic rules, and a large collection of books.
Aili D
Bangor University is located in a coastal small city, beautiful and peaceful, which is good for study. In addition, the living cost is lower than other cities. I am glad I made a wise choice.
Tathagata G
I came across Bangor University on the internet as I was looking for master’s courses in the UK and found that the University is well-reputed. other than this, I had also chosen Bangor because of its beautiful location and a peaceful, friendly environment. The university also has very good quality of education, teaching, accommodation and proper...
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I chose Bangor because of the reviews it had about the staff being very helpful, which now I have experienced myself. The university offered my desired course content with excellent teaching standard. Bangor has provided me with value for my money and I feel my parents are investing in the right place.
Nebu G
After having a great experience doing my undergraduate and master’s degree at Bangor, I had no hesitation in choosing Bangor for my PhD as well. The staff, the opportunities and the place (in terms of landscape and prime research area related to my field) helped in making an easy decision to do my research in Bangor.
Adekemi O
The university has an organised setting and fantastic lecturers who have a unique way of teaching. The lecturers also put into consideration that there are International students whose first language is not English. Also, the university has an up-to-date library and the librarians are also marvelous as they are always willing to assist you with ...
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Nana Q
Bangor is a perfect destination for university education. It’s very safe, peaceful and relatively quiet, which makes students less distracted from learning. The best part of Bangor is the air quality and the richly conserved environment.
Spencer R
Bangor University values student feedback extremely highly. To me as a student, this means that not only the program is built on a strong reputation but is not afraid to make changes if they are needed. The course is jointly delivered by more than one departments,which is a bonus as it allows students access to a wider range of facilities, equip...
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