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Öğrenci yorumları University of St Andrews

Ortalama puanı 4,4

Dayanarak 7 değerlendirme

Heather Gildie
All teaching staff are friendly and so understanding when you ask for help! I have really enjoyed this program so far and feel that each module is well tempered ability level so as it is challenging but not too overwhelming.
Priyansha Agarwal
In the months I have been taking this course, it has been extremely challenging yet taught in a way which is easy to understand. The professors and tutors have been very understanding and are definitely very knowledgeable.
Joel Beckles
As a Physics (BSc) student, I have found lecturers to be supportive and open to answering any questions or concerns I had. They have been quite accommodating during my remote study as well. Apart from lectures, the module consists of tutorials and workshops which give students an opportunity to work on questions and discuss solutions with their ...
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Pia Tiwari
The IR programme is great for anyone who is interested in global politics, and even the dense theoretical bits and taught in a way that makes them interesting. A lot of effort has been put into decolonising the curriculum and opening our minds to critical theories and our positionality which makes the course different to other unis and really we...
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Patricia Helpap
I have really enjoyed my time studying Environmental Earth Sciences at the University of St Andrews since the day I started it! The programm is very practicle based - with practicle labs every week and mutiple field trips per semester - which let's you apply the skills you acquire in lectures. The topics are very broad and allow insight in vario...
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Jack Cole
The program is ideal for any student - with or without a computer background. Be aware however that the units on offer are offered to all Computer Science MSc students so some of them might be advanced. However, you can change units so that you pick the best ones for your knowledge
St. Andrews is a special place. In general there is a very good feeling at the uni, and many beautiful buildings. Teaching staff is usually very helpful and kowledgable.

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