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I chose to study at UCB because of its reputation and the way the staff and students conducted themselves prior to enrolment. All of my enquiries were handled really efficiently by the staff. When I finally came here to study, the standards they had set beforehand were kept very high. I would say my favourite element of the course is that ...
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I originally chose UCB to study my degree as it is regarded as one of the best universities in the UK for travel and tourism courses – and I soon discovered that it has the perfect blend of highly-accredited academic results and a fantastic location. Academically, the course was consistently challenging, and when I began working within the i...
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I travelled around a lot when I was young and always knew it was something I wanted to continue doing as an adult. UCB is well known for its tourism courses due to the number of opportunities it offers to students. The residentials organised as part of this course have been a real highlight for me so far. While they are all closely linked to ...
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Knowing that UCB specialises in vocational courses is what pushed me to apply, as I knew it would be an excellent choice for studying tourism. The fact that the University was named a centre of excellence by the Institute of Travel and Tourism only persuaded me further. My favourite element of the course was definitely the fantastic residenti...
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I chose UCB because the university has lots of facilities and I was impressed with the help and support you can receive on the course. UCB has a warm atmosphere that made me feel welcome as soon as I entered the building. The best part of my course so far has been the residential trip to Ireland. We got the chance to explore and experience t...
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I chose UCB because it is a growing university where there are many learning opportunities for students. I really wanted to study in a large city and I know UCB’s courses are accredited by the University of Birmingham. The best part of the course was the field trips we took: one was in the UK and another was in Prague, Czech Republic. I woul...
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I came to UCB via a progression agreement UCB had with the University of Malaga. I studied for 18 months in Spain and then transferred to UCB for a further 18 months to complete my degree. I now work for the Wyndham Hotel Group as a marketing and campaign manager, based in London. The Wyndham Group is an American company and own 7,000 hotels...
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I did a lot of research into different universities before selecting the one I wanted to go to. I chose UCB because the tourism courses were very specific and focused on certain areas, which is exactly what I wanted from my course. I’ve enjoyed everything about my course so far – it’s well-structured and all the modules have been very intere...
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Before I started my studies at University College Birmingham, I was unsure what I wanted to achieve from my degree. As the years went on, my education and experiences developed and I started to appreciate how many pathways my degree could open, whether it would be directly into industry or into more education. Towards the end of my second yea...
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I studied NVQ Level 2 and 3 in Beauty Therapy at UCB. After which, my tutor encouraged me to continue my studies at university level as I wanted to pursue a career that revolved around customers and sales. I received a lot of advice and I found that UCB’s Marketing Management course was what I wanted. Since I’d already studied at UCB, I knew I w...
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Claire Taylor
Whilst at university I often doubted my own ability and always worried if I was on the right path, but there was always someone to help and offer guidance and reassurance at UCB. I loved the fact we had guest lectures from people currently working in the sector, which made me think that the university really understands the importance of rea...
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Making the decision to go to university is without doubt one of the best life experiences imaginable, and whilst you do indeed have a blast being a student, it's not until you leave university life behind you truly appreciate the magnitude of how much university will change your life. I graduated almost three years ago now and I still reflect o...
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I chose to study in the UK on account of the reputation of the education system here and was attracted to UCB by the tourism courses offered. After successfully achieving my degree in Tourism Business Management at UCB I applied for the MA Marketing Management for Events, Hospitality and Tourism. The scope of this course will help me to stand ou...
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I was attracted to UCB because of how it was presented at the university fair. I thought UCB could really help me develop my future career the way I wanted to, and I liked that the course was accredited by the University of Birmingham. We got to do live case studies for assignments, get actively involved during lectures and read about future ...
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Progressing from UCB’s Level 3 Professional Cookery course, I knew I would enjoy the Professional Cookery FdA because of the content of the course and the facilities available. One of my favourite modules has been The Gastronomist, in which we had to create our own street food idea. It gave me the chance to be creative while developing my kno...
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A major highlight of my course so far has been getting the qualifications I need to become a successful Personal Trainer. My degree gives me the specialised knowledge to stand head and shoulders above other applicants for those kinds of roles – and as a result, I work with a specialised strength and conditioning facility in Birmingham and work w...
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I chose UCB because it offered a personable experience due to the small size of the institution. Many of my friends had gone to larger universities and had little or no contact with their lectures and found it difficult to find their place in such a big environment. UCB offered an “everything under one roof” experience which I found very appeali...
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Amii Attard
loved the mix of business and sports modules on this course. There are also annual residential course trips, small class sizes and plenty of variation in assessment methods from exams, essays, assessed seminars and group presentations. UCB is a university with a strong community, lots of extra-curricular opportunities, great facilities and ...
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Since graduating from UCB, I have moved to Vancouver, Canada to pursue my career in the marketing arena of the sports nutrition industry. My time at UCB prepared me for my future by further opening my eyes to the dynamic world of business as it related to the international sports industry, as well as giving me key knowledge and theory to be ...
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I decided to study for my postgraduate qualification at UCB because I have studied at the university previously and really enjoyed it. I believe that knowledge is power, and the quality of the teaching and the level of discussions between students in seminars are excellent. I’m currently working as a mentoring intern at UCB, helping to provi...
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I knew this was the right course for me because of the wide range of interesting modules. I was invited to attend an information session where the main course lecturers presented the background and content of the course – this made it easier for me to make the decision that this was the right course for me. One of the highlights of the cours...
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I opted for UCB because of fantastic range of courses on offer, the smaller class sizes, and its location in the heart of Birmingham city centre. My tutor Craig Pinkney has opened my eyes to the current issues affecting the social sector today. I have done work placements with the Children’s Society, St Thomas’s Children’s Centre and Nelson P...
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I decide to study at UCB for many reasons, including its geographical location, multicultural diversity and its wide range of vocational courses that allow students to gain employment experience during their time of study. The best part of the course was being taught by certified and knowledgeable lecturers who have vast amounts of experienc...
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The best part of all about this course is that you’re given the opportunity to explore every element of the art of business. I have made so many friends from all over the world, but have also been given plenty of opportunities to work independently and develop my own ideas. The combination of modules and the choice you are given over what you...
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It was the modules on this degree that first attracted me to UCB, along with the University’s location in the UK’s second largest city, its provisions for free language courses and how friendly and welcoming the teaching staff were on the open day. The best part of my course has to be the residential visits we get to do each year. So far I ha...
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