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Öğrenci yorumları Stanford University Summer Session

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High School Student, Summer Session 2021
Overall, my experience in Stanford Summer Session 2021 was extraordinary. I learned valuable information while having fun, improved my social skills, acquired new skills in research and project making, I met outstanding people and made new friends. Our instructors were welcoming and supportive of us, they made our course really fun and engaging....
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For the summer, I decided to learn a new area and chose to study energy. I am impressed by the amount of interesting and valuable information I have learned. "Understanding Energy" is one of the most exciting courses I have ever taken. This course changed my mind - now I am 100% sure I want to continue my career in the energy field, even though,...
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Undergraduate Student, Summer Session 2021
It was a different field of study than I expected. However, I think it was very beneficial for me to improve myself and gain different perspectives. The academic team and my classmates encouraged me even more. Everyone was very interested in the class. Thanks to this, I was able to push myself out of my comfort zone to work, research and talk...
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My advice to Summer Session students is to try to be as open as possible to every opportunity. I attended a speaker event that was in the music field, which was completely different for me, but it was an opportunity to learn something that was far from what I usually like. I would also suggest taking courses that are far from your university pat...
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Umay Bozkurt
Even though I was very excited to attend the summer session physically, I really appreciated and loved the online experience last summer. I believe it is truly a wonderful and life-changing experience to listen to the Stanford professors and join the virtual events that are tailored for the Summer Session students. Professors, assistants, and st...
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John D.
I enjoyed this course but some of the content was a little too basic for my taste, but I enjoyed the experience as a whole.

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